Becoming Better For Your Child’s Better Health

strong boy

Polaris Pediatrics is now undergoing a transformation.

We have served many of your children’s needs for many years and we thank you for your confidence in us.  It is our intention to provide an improved experience going forward.  We know that the future of your child’s health rests in the trust you have in us to deliver cutting edge healthcare.  Stay tuned as we integrate better health outcomes for your children.


  • We have new treatment capabilities for our ADHD and mental health patients.dc1
  • We are now able to use new genetic tools to better adjust and calibrate meds for your child.
  •  These tools will help to eliminate the trial and error methods commonly used in the past.
  • We are in the process of instituting allergy diagnostic and treatment services
  • We have new lactation advisory services through our specialized Nurse Practitioner on staff.
  • We now have nutritional counseling and services for your child.

Please ask us while you are here on your appointment about any of these new services.